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Career in Elmak

Elmak is a company that employs qualified specialists. We employ electronics engineers, SMT operators, electronic assemblers, quality controllers and other specialists.

If you think that you will support our team with your unique competences - apply!

You will find our current job offers on popular national and regional job advertisements. However, even if we are not currently recruiting for the position you are interested in, we would be happy to read your CV and invite you for an interview at the right time.

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    Why is it worth joining us?

    We like our job

    Elmak Ltd is a place where we value commitment and passion. Many of us treat work as developing their hobby – learning about technological innovations.

    We also take care of a good atmosphere, because we spend a large part of our lives at work.

    Elmak production workers
    Elmak integration trips

    We play together

    We regularly organize integration trips and joint trips “out to the city”, thanks to which we have the opportunity not only to have fun, but also to get to know and understand each other better. Many friendships have already been born in this way, which later develop outside of work as well.

    We take care of each other

    When any of us needs support, we can always count on a helping hand. Both the company as an organization and individual employees help people who would find it difficult to overcome adversities and problems.

    Mutual assistance of the Company and Elmak employees
    Elmak - christmas charity

    We help others

    We are not passive to what is happening around us. We support people in need, among others by participating in the ” Noble Package ” campaign, we help local schools and hospitals in various ways, and we care for the natural environment by organizing cleaning campaigns for littering places in Rzeszów.