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Industries & technologies


In our work, we use many popular technologies and communication protocols on a daily basis. Depending on the customer’s needs, we also connect various systems with each other or equip devices with several standards, which increases their versatility and attractiveness.

We also help our clients in the process of proper registration with organizations managing authorizations to use a given technology, as this obligation always rests with the entity that places a given product on the market under its own brand.

Most often we use the following solutions:


The experience gained over many years of existence on the market has meant that our solutions are often used in several industries. However, this does not mean that we limit ourselves to them only – in practice, we often implement projects in various industrial and scientific fields.


The broadly understood ventilation industry is our very strong side. We have extensive experience in designing systems, conducting compliance tests and mass production of controllers for all types of devices in this segment – from small bathroom fans, through air recuperators, cooker hoods, air curtains, to extensive industrial air conditioning systems.

Elmak ventilation devices

LED lighting

We have been specializing in the design and production of LED lighting for about a decade. Most often we deal with advanced solutions that require precisely selected light parameters, both in the form of rigid and semi-flexible strips, as well as flexible tapes or ready-made lamps. We also offer intelligent controllers for our products, which not only regulate their operation, but also protect them against damage caused by overvoltage in the electrical network, and additionally report the operating status of devices via the Internet and allow for efficient response to any problems.

Elmak LED technology


We work with the largest lighting manufacturers in the automotive industry, developing and producing lighting modules used in all types of lamps for passenger cars, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery.

At the client’s request, we also create various electronic systems used in cars, e.g. the eCall system of quick notification of road accidents.

Elmak automotive components and devices


Appropriate product display at points of sale has a key impact on customer reactions and their purchasing decisions. Elmak has extensive experience in the design and production of electronic systems that support sales. Most often these are LED lighting sets for shelves in display shelves, cables and controllers that manage them.

We also make systems for monitoring and analyzing consumer behavior, allowing for better shaping of the product offer and ways of presenting it to the client.

Design and production of Point of Sell products


Over the years, we have made many designs of controllers for devices used in traditional and aesthetic medicine, as well as dentistry. We are particularly proud of our participation in the creation of an innovative device used in the treatment of heart defects, thanks to which many patients in a very difficult health situation were able to return to good health.

Designing devices for medical applications