Our advantages



It’s nothing difficult. It only takes over 20 years of checking what TV sets have been sold in Poland, working closely with producers and points of sale, picking up a few tens of thousands of phone calls and e-mails from customers looking for a replacement remote and creating a database of codes that supports all models of these devices. The same can also be done with satellite decoders, DVB-T, DVD players and other equipment. We’ve done that.

ikona-wyszukiwarka01 DON’T BUY A PIG IN A POKE

We have created a unique tool which lets you check if we have the right code for your device in our database. Most importantly, you can do it before buying a remote control, even now. Just use our online code search engine, which will help you to choose the right model of remote. Then you can check where to buy it in your area.


We know that what is new today, will soon be just a standard. Therefore the introduction of innovative solutions is our rule. In the past we’ve done that with the first PAL decoders and universal remote controls, then VOIP phones, HDMI cables and car DVRs, while today we’re introducing the super-fast USB 3.1 cables and virtual reality goggles.

ikona-cel04 CAN’T BE DONE? COME TO US!

We have completed hundreds of projects that required us to modify existing or create entirely new products. Because we are a medium-sized company we can react very quickly. When a large corporation completes the analysis stage of the project, we are already implementing it for sale.


From the moment, when our company was established, there have been many historical events putting companies in difficult situation. Just to mention hyperinflation, changing the economic system in Poland, a flood of imports from China market, accession to the EU and the financial crisis. Only companies with solid foundations could cope with such conditions.