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Our offer

We support our clients by offering comprehensive project implementation services, from device concept, through prototyping, EMC and VDE tests, validation, to finished product and mass production, paying special attention to cost optimization.

Design and optimization

We design electronic systems from scratch in our design office or optimize existing customer projects in terms of costs.

Designers's work on new projects


Using many global suppliers, we purchase the components needed for production for our clients.

Research in the EMC laboratory

Product prototypes are tested for compliance in the EMC laboratory of the Rzeszów University of Technology.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

We provide automatic or manual SMD and THT assembly. We have two independent production lines.

Wire processing

Electrical cables used in our products are processed on dedicated devices.

Process of wire processing

Commissioning tests

Each piece of the product undergoes a full test of its functionality on dedicated automatic testers.

Elmak product performance tests


We produce remote controls for all kinds of RTV, household appliances, industrial and other devices.

Remotes by Elmak

IOS and Android control software

We create applications cooperating with our products for popular mobile and computer systems.

Proprietary Elmak mobile applications

Individual offer

At the client’s request, we provide other services that go beyond the standard offer. We set these types of services individually.

Manual assembly of Elmak electronic devices