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Design & optimization

Our strength is our team of designers, electronic engineers and programmers skilled in developing solutions to the highest standards.

R&D Department

It is made up of electronics enthusiasts and experts in the field of innovative electronic technologies, with over 20 years of professional experience.

The very close cooperation of our R&D department with the production and procurement departments allows for cost optimization of newly created projects as well as existing projects that customers have used for years. We achieve this by choosing the right production technology, selecting components in terms of prices and using substitutes.

Constructors' work on new projects

Custom designs

We make various types of electronic systems at the request of our clients. We approach each inquiry individually, we try to get to know and meet the requirements and needs of the client. Our solutions are characterized by a high degree of adaptation to a specific product, thanks to which they better fulfill their role and are optimized in terms of costs.

Control systems

We have experience in the following ways to control devices:

  • with traditional and membrane buttons
  • touch through glass or other insulating material
  • infrared remote control (range of several meters in one room)
  • radio remote control (range of tens of meters, working through walls)
  • smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • smartphone / tablet / PC via GSM / GPRS (stationary and mobile objects, also in roaming) / LAN / Wi-Fi / internet
  • automatically through intelligent software and the use of sensors (e.g. sensor of movement, humidity, light, overload, tilt, etc.)
  • NFC communication
  • RFID readers
Lighting modules in LED technology

LED lighting

One of the industries in which we specialize is widely understood LED lighting:

  • Elastic tapes – available in different colors, widths, with different lengths of single module and spacing of the LEDs.
  • Hard strips and semi-flexible strips – on a substrate made of fiberglass or aluminum, available in different widths and colors, with a very large range of colors of the LEDs 3-8 thousand K.
  • Lamps – performed under the customer needs, tailored to the specified operating conditions in terms of the size of the substrate, type, capacity and LEDs color, heat dissipation and guaranteed lifetime.
  • Drivers – both standard solutions and individual projects that meet the unusual demands and extended with a number of additional functions, such as additional safety standards, or remote communication.
  • Power supplies – tailored to the needs of the entire lighting system, ensuring long and trouble-free operation of the system in accordance with the safety standards laid down by the legislation of the country.

We offer additional functionalities and benefits for the designed LED systems:

  • Safety – at the customer’s request, we equip our LED systems with special, intelligent electronic fuses, which allow to control the current flowing through the system and, in the event of overvoltage, voltage surges or other unfavorable factors, cut off the power supply, which prevents the system from overheating and causing a fire.
  • Remote communication – we also offer the possibility of equipping the systems with local or remote communication systems, thanks to which you can monitor their condition on an ongoing basis and change operating parameters. This allows, among others to reduce service costs. Communication can take place via smartphones, tablets, PCs equipped with any operating system.

Convenience and economy

Our solutions are used not only to control the equipment but also to remotely monitor its condition, the mode or potential failure. This makes it possible to achieve large savings by the system operator, as even many devices scattered around the country can be successfully managed from one location, reducing direct visits by employees to the inspection service or emergency situations signaled by the system.

In addition, the technology GSM / GPRS allows full control and monitoring of the devices which position frequently or even continuously changes (eg. mounted on vehicles). Cross the borders of different countries is also not a problem, as the system can automatically use roaming.

For the needs of manufacturers of household appliances and audio / video production we introduced a touch-sensitive controllers. They enable the control functions of the equipment through the panel made of glass or other insulating material.

Upon request, we make an individual project of the controller functions selected by customer. There is a possibility of such a hardware configuration that reacts to touch it, or hold or release touch the glass, which gives a very high functionality. You can also set the threshold of sensitivity to touch, depending on the specifics of a device and method for its use.

Cooperation with the Rzeszów University of Technology

We constantly cooperate with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Rzeszów University of Technology in the field of research and development, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, RFID technology, integrated micro and nanotechnologies, and other issues in the areas of electronics, telecommunications, computer science and electrical engineering.

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