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Electronics manufacturing services

We offer comprehensive electronics assembly services from short series projects to mass production. We provide lead and lead-free, single and double-sided assembly of components in accordance with international standards for the quality of assembly of packages – IPC-A-610E standards.

SMT assembly

We perform surface assembly on two independent automatic lines. At the beginning, solder paste is applied to the PCBs, then they go to SMT machines, which place individual components on them with very high precision.

The final stage is a run through a reflow soldering oven, where the paste melts at very high temperatures to form permanent welds.

THT assembly

The process of through-hole assembly, depending on technological conditions and production volume, is performed with the use of a soldering unit or manually.

In the process of automatic soldering, we use advanced tools that allow us to achieve high-quality connections and high purity of packages, immediately after the soldering process. For manual soldering, we use soldering irons from the renowned Weidinger JBC CD2E020, Pace HW50 and Elwik TR-24 brands.

Automatic optical inspection

After completing the assembly process of the packages, we carry out the final optical inspection with the use of an automatic AOI device of the XCEED Optima type by PARMI.

The device has a 3D laser sensor with a built-in camera and lighting for recording 3D and 2D images, allowing for very precise checking of the correctness of the implementation of electronic plates.