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Individual offer

Growing experience resulting from many years of work in many industries allows us to offer a wide range of services that go beyond the basic field, which is the production of electronics. In order to provide comprehensive customer service, we use innovative solutions to optimize the costs of assembling, confectioning and packing products.

Additional services

We work with trusted partners in the field of:

  • manufacturing injection molds,
  • thermoforming, CNC milling,
  • laser processing (CO2 laser – cutting, engraving, marking)
  • cutting and forming metal details (Fiber laser, blanking dies, shapes, benders),
  • UV and 3D printing.


If you are interested in cooperating with us, please send an inquiry by the following specification – the more information we get, the more accurately we will quote.

Information necessary to perform the valuation:

1. Production of an electronic device

  • BOM (Bill of Materials) – the list of components with their parameters
  • Pick & Place file
  • PCB design documentation files (Gerber)
  • the thickness of the laminate and copper
  • the type of coating and adhesive technology
  • soldermask color, description
  • the volume of a single order

2. Project of an electronic device

  • a description of the device’s functionality
  • description of the operating parameters
  • destination of the device
  • information about the use
  • the estimated annual demand
  • specific requirements

Inquiries should be addressed to: