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iOS and Android software

Dedicated mobile applications

For our clients, we create applications for mobile devices, most often on the popular Android and iOS systems. These applications work with controllers and extend their capabilities, allowing for example for quick and convenient input of information, checking the operating status of devices, or displaying reports and statistics.

Proprietary Elmak mobile applications

Applications for mobile devices are an increasingly frequent requirement of the end user, who expects constant access to information, regardless of whether he is near the device, at work or on vacation. It is also a great way to build a positive image for a company that understands customer needs.

Ecology is also an important aspect related to the applications. Thanks to access from anywhere, the applications enable better management of devices and the energy they consume (e.g. heating boilers).

From the point of view of the manufacturer of the device, mobile applications allow for setting different levels of access to information and assigning it to appropriate employees.