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Quality tests

After the end of production, each piece of the product is subjected to tests to check if it is made correctly. This process is carried out using automatic testers dedicated to a given type of product, created by our design department.

Functional testing proces

Electronic boards are closed in special holders, where they are subjected to a series of tests checking, among others the correct operation of individual product functions, power consumption, signal transmission power for radio systems, etc. If a given PCB fails at least one of the tests, then a red indicator lights up on the tester, an appropriate message is displayed on the monitor, and at the same time a negative message is recorded in the computer system test result, blocking the possibility of passing a given item of product to the stage of packaging and shipment to the customer.

Thanks to the full automation of the testing process, the possibility of a mistake, incomplete test or operator overlooking a possible error has been eliminated. The testers also make it possible to significantly accelerate the production process, and thus reduce the cost of the final product.

LED lighting testing

Due to the wide range of production of light sources based on LED technology, our production support department has designed and manufactured an advanced tester to verify the correct operation of this type of product.

With the help of a movable vision system, we are able to control the illumination of even several thousand LEDs in a few seconds, and dedicated fixtures not only supply power, but also make electrical measurements recorded in the production system. The established ranges of the measured parameters do not allow for the release of defective items for sale.