Computer programmable remotes e-MAK


Computer programmable remotes e-MAK

  • a programmable remote control which can replace a whole range of original remotes (important for retailers, technicians), without the need to store several hundred types of replacement remotes
  • programming via PC, for example at the time of retail sale
  • ease of use as replacement remote control
  • current database files for programming are available on the internet
  • useful if you frequently change supported device (eg. TV Service)

Versions offered:

  • e-MAK TV – TV OF ALL TYPES (CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma)
  • e-MAK SAT – satellite and DVBT decoders
  • e-MAK DVD – DVD, Home Cinema
  • e-MAK VCR – video recorders

The starter set encloses USB Programmer, CD with codes and Programming user manual.

e-MAK remotes can be programmed two ways:

  • on-line – registered users can fully use latest on-line database
  • CD – installing a special program with full database of codes of-line