RF-MAK radio wave operating remote:

  • ideal solution for people who want to control their audio-video devices in other part of the house
  • fully control even 2 devices at the same time
  • open rating range – 100
  • control devices located in separate rooms – for example, where the digital DVB-T decoder is to be used with more than one television in a home
  • controls devices in large rooms such as lecture halls without the need to point the remote control device in the direction of the equipment to be used

Radio control is useful in the following cases:

  • when control is required through barriers
  • when the device should be hidden (eg. in the cabinet RTV)
  • control in large halls – a longer range than infrared remotes
  • when turning the remote at the receiver is uncomfortable (eg. when the controlled projector is behind lecturer’s back)

Examples of the use of radio transmitters:

  • controlling a projector in a large lecture hall
  • controlling a projector to display hymns in church
  • video recorders

RF-MAK operates the following brand:
ADB, Blow, Cabletech, Comsat, Dreambox, Echostar, Evolve, Ferguson, Goclever, Humax, Inea, Kaon, Kruger&Matz, Linbox, Manta, Motorola, Multimedia, nc+, Nokia, Openbox, Opticum/Globo, Pace, Philips, Polsat Cyfrowy, RWT, Sagem, Strong, Technisat, TPSA, Trwam, UPC, Vectra, VU+, Wiwa and other