ZIP 308


Remote control for DVB-T/DVB-S/DVB-C – ZIP 308:

  • fully controls DVB-T/DVB-S/ DVB-C
  • operates 100% functions from original remote
  • database of codes is designed for European market
  • possibility of re-programming
  • after removing the battery “remembers” entered the codes
  • icons used are identical or close to original ones of given brand
  • 24-months warranty

ZIP 308 operates the following brand:
ADB, Blow, Cabletech, Comsat, Dreambox, Echostar, Evolve, Ferguson, Goclever, Humax, Inea, Kaon, Kruger&Matz, Linbox, Manta, Motorola, Multimedia, nc+, Nokia, Openbox, Opticum/Globo, Pace, Philips, Polsat Cyfrowy, RWT, Sagem, Strong, Technisat, TPSA, Trwam, UPC, Vectra, VU+, Wiwa and other