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Production hardware

We have an extensive machine park of renowned brands, as well as many self-made tools. The solutions we design are tested in the EMC laboratory of the Rzeszów University of Technology.

Machine park

We have, among others automatic screen printer, automatic SMT assembly machines, solder wave for THT assembly, reflow soldering ovens, AOI device for production correctness control and devices for wire processing.

Linia montażowa SMT Elmak


Thanks to close cooperation with the Rzeszów University of Technology, we use a modern EMC laboratory that allows us to carry out conformity tests of our products.

Laboratorium EMC Politechnika Rzeszowska

Own production tools

We build proprietary testers in which we use a vision and measurement system, used to test modules and LED lighting in various configurations.

Autorskie narzędzia i urządzenia firmy Elmak