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Machinery park

Below we present selected devices on which we provide our production services.

Automat Yamaha I Pulse S 20

Yamaha i-PULSE S20 SMT Pick and Place Machine

Automatic machine for SMT assembly, has a maximum working area of ​​1830x510mm. In addition, it allows for 3D assembly, which allows the assembly of components with irregular shapes. The efficiency reaches up to 45,000 cph, which significantly increases the efficiency of the assembly process.

Automat Yamaha I-Pulse S 10 Elmak Sp. z `o.o.

SMT Yamaha I-Pulse S10 SMT Pick and Place Machine

Automatic SMT assembly machine with a maximum working area for PCBs up to 1330 x 510mm. The machine’s capacity is 45,000 cph, which makes the entire assembly process very efficient. The maximum height of the mounted components is 35mm.

Automat Yamaha I-Pulse M 20 Elmak Sp. z o.o.

SMT Yamaha I-Pulse M20 Pick and Place Machine

Automatic SMT assembly machine that has a large working area. It can accommodate PCBs up to 1480x510mm and has a capacity of 23,000 cph which is the best result in its class. The machine allows you to stack components in sizes from 01005 to even 120×90 mm

Urządzenie AOI PARMI XCEED Optima Elmak Sp. z o.o.

Automatic optical inspection AOI PARMI - XCEED Optima

The AOI XCEED Optima device from PARMI has a 3D laser sensor with a built-in camera and illumination for recording 3D and 2D images. The inspection is based on laser measurement of the height of individual elements on the PCB. Fastest cycle time: 65 cm2 / s @ 14um X 14um.

Sitodrukarka automatyczna HIT 520L Elmak Sp. z o.o.

HIT 520L automatic screen printer

The screen printer applies the solder paste to the PCBs according to the programmed pattern. Its working area ranges from 50 x 50mm up to 610 x 420mm. The HIT 520L screen printer can print at a speed of up to 300 mm/s.

Fala lutownicza

THT EWS-300C solder wave

For THT assembly, we use EWS-300C solder wave, which can solder PCBs with widths from 50 to 300 mm. It is a highly efficient device that allows you to perform THT assembly with high precision and with a maximum transport speed of up to 2000 mm/min.

Elmak Sp. z o.o. piec tunelowy HTS-0802

Tunnel soldering oven HTS-0802

For the final stage of soldering, we use the HTS-0802 soldering oven, which has 8 heating zones from the top, 8 heating zones from the bottom and 2 cooling zones. The effective length of the heating zones is as much as 3121mm. The furnace has a choice of chain and mesh transport.

Elmak Sp. z o.o. KAPPA 310

KAPPA 310 wire processing device

The Kappa 310 is a compact, powerful cutting and stripping machine for wire sizes from 0.02 mm² to 6 mm². It has a memory of process parameters, including a programmable in-line pressure valve. It is also equipped with a processing kit for short wire lengths from 18 mm.


Elmak Sp. z o.o. MultiStrip 9480

Wire processing device Schleuniger MultiStrip 9480

The MultiStrip 9480 has a multi-blade rotating blade. The maximum outer diameter of the processed conductor may be 12.5 mm. The fully programmable rotary scoring unit enables the easy processing of high-precision coaxial and multi-layer applications.