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Tools of own production

The creation of a dedicated production support department dealing with the optimization of processes in terms of quality and efficiency, ensuring greater process control, results in the design of new, often highly advanced tools, which have already been appreciated by customers many times.

LED module tester

A tester for checking the correct operation of LED modules, which was entirely designed and made by our construction department. The device uses a vision system mounted on a movable, computer-controlled 2D rack, which allows you to configure camera settings for different lengths and rasters of the tested LED modules. This allows for a very precise calibration of the tester for the needs of each project.

The tester system consists of many measurement modules, each of which is equipped with sensors capable of measuring current up to 2.5A. Launching the LED tester had a very positive impact on the quality control process of the lighting systems, eliminating the possibility of errors in manual testing.

LED module testing device

Functional testers of PCB boards

Functional testers for electronics are a whole range of various solutions, both in terms of designing measurement systems, as well as proprietary software that allows for automatic uP programming and execution of complex measurement sequences in automatic mode. The testers can measure a wide range of parameters such as: voltage, current, humidity, light intensity, temperature, pressure, radio signal strength, gas concentration level, dimensions of elements with an accuracy of 0.001 millimeters and many others.

Live data recorded allow for the verification of historical records, and more importantly, they are subjected to statistical analysis, which allows drawing interesting, often surprising conclusions to improve our production. Combining everything into one comprehensive system created by us is a solution at a very high level of innovation, which is a strong bargaining chip in business talks with new customers.

PCB testing device