Remote controls for special order

We produce remote controls customized for the client’s needs.

We cooperate with many various branches like small home appliances, sports, medical, industry, hotels and many more. For OEM orders we have a MOQ of 20 units, for each device controlled by infrared or radio waves.

You can create your own remote by:

  • selecting the necessary functions
  • adjusting the number of buttons
  • printing graphic design by the customer.

Thanks to the possibility of printing a logo, our remotes can become a building block for a positive corporate image.

We have a number of ready-made housings available “on the spot” and for high-volume purchases we can offer to design new individual housing. Details of available housings can be found under this link.


We offer customers all the possible ways to control any device:

  • traditional buttons and membrane
  • touch the glass or other insulating material
  • infrared remote control (range of a few meters in one room)
  • radio wave remote (range of tens of meters, running through walls)
  • smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  •  smartphone / tablet / PC via GSM / GPRS (stationary and moving objects, including roaming)
  • automatically through the use of intelligent software and sensors (eg. the movement, humidity, light, overload, tilt, etc.).
  • RFID communication

More about the remote controls for special order  and contract manufacturing of electronics can be found in the dedicated service or directly by contacting our sales department.

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