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About us

General information

Elmak Ltd is a Polish company that has been continuously producing and selling electronic devices since 1990.

Our company can boast an established position on the market and recognition, not only among customers, but also among many scientific institutions, research units and offices. We received, among others the prestigious “Forbes Diamond 2023” award.

Apart from the contract production of electronic circuits, Elmak Ltd. also distributes electronic accessories under the Savio brand it has created.

We invite all companies that are looking for a reliable partner in the field of electronics to cooperate.

Employees in elmak

Corporate video

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History of Elmak

Establishment of the company
Implementation of the first projects of electronic devices
Production of TV-SAT devices
PAL set-top boxes, teletext systems and satellite dishes’ positioners – the first devices of this type manufactured in Poland
The beginning of production of remote controls
Many years of production of remote controls allowed us to achieve the position of a market leader and win many prestigious awards
Start of OEM production
Extending the scope of services to make-to-order production under the client’s logo
Creation of the Savio brand
Creation of the RTV accessories brand – Savio, developed in parallel with contract production
Moving to a new headquarter
Larger building size and better location
Purchase of modern production machines and research equipment
Rapid development of the company, increasing production automation and improving quality control methods
Expansion of the company's headquarter and increase of production capacity
The next stage of development resulting from acquiring new customers
Launch of the second production line
Purchase of machines and commissioning of the second full SMT assembly line
New logo
Change of the logotype and visual identification of the company
Forbes Diamond Award
Receiving the prestigious “Forbes Diamond 2023” award

Why Elmak

Design of electronic circuits


We create conditions for our clients in which they can devote themselves fully to the development of their companies, while our task is to provide comprehensive technical advice on electronics. Everyone can concentrate on what they know best.

Laboratory of EMC Elmak Sp. z o.o.

EMC Laboratory

We are observing an avalanche increase in the interest of companies in testing the compatibility and safety of electronic devices. We help our clients through this difficult process, both for newly designed devices and for older models that require changes.

Completion of parts Elmak Sp. z o.o.

Cost optimization

As we design electronics ourselves, we always do it taking into account the realities of production, choosing the optimal production technology. At the customer’s request, we go a step further, checking how our electronics are installed in their end devices, which allows us to improve this process.

Meeting of the Elmak department

European company

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a family company that manufactures its products, pays taxes and gives jobs in Poland. We are also close to our customers, so we visit them often and we can better understand their needs.

City of Elmak Sp. z o.o.

Global brands

Among our clients, apart from medium-sized enterprises, there are also well-known global brands. Many of them transferred their orders to us directly from the Far East, because after taking into account the costs of transport and quality complaints, we turned out to be competitive in terms of price, and at the same time we provide much better communication.

Ecology Elmak Sp.z o.o.


The solutions we create care for the natural environment, and at the same time for your pocket. Among the many solutions, it is worth mentioning the reduction of the need for service trips to devices thanks to remote monitoring of their work or reduction of electricity consumption thanks to the use of intelligent LED technology.

Rzeszów technological valley

Rzeszów is a thriving academic and industrial center, with direct access to expressways and the airport. For years, Elmak has been cooperating closely with the Rzeszów University of Technology, implementing joint research projects, as well as conducting electromagnetic compatibility studies in a modern university laboratory.

Aviation valley

Aviation valley Elmak Sp. z o.o.

Rzeszów is the capital of the Aviation Valley association, which brings together several dozen companies from the industry, including branches of the largest global concerns.

Academic center

Academic Basin Elmak Sp. z o.o.

There are several universities in the city, incl. University of Technology educating engineers and pilots. The total number of students reaches 50,000, which is the highest percentage in the entire European Union when compared to the city’s population of 200,000.

Transport accessibility

Availability of communication Elmak Sp. z o.o.

Elmak is located in close proximity to the international airport in Rzeszów, as well as the junction of the A4 motorway and the S19 expressway.

SAVIO brand

In 2012, Elmak expanded its activity by creating the proprietary brand Savio, under which it sells electronic accessories manufactured by selected domestic and foreign suppliers, in accordance with the company’s requirements. More details about the savio brand can be found at

Marka SAVIO-Elmak