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Quality policy

Quality policy of ELMAK Ltd results from the company’s strategy, which aims at making the Elmak trademark associated with trust, professionalism in the planning and implementation of production and services as well as professional customer service at every stage of our business.

EMC Laboratory

Condidentiality of information

We make every effort to ensure that our clients’ business data is properly protected at every stage of cooperation. We confirm the security of customer data by concluding appropriate confidentiality agreements (NDA).

We provide protection for all technical, technological, economic, financial, commercial, legal, organizational and other classified information constituting a business secret. We use the collected data only for purposes strictly related to the subject of cooperation between the parties.


We invite all clients with whom we start cooperation to conduct an audit of our company, during which they will be able to get acquainted with the standards and procedures we apply. An audit is also a great opportunity to precisely define mutual expectations and opportunities, which allows for a smoother establishment of cooperation and improvement of many processes.

At the client’s request, we are also happy to visit their production plant to get to know and understand better their way of working. Usually, during such visits, it is possible to develop many solutions that allow to eliminate unnecessary operations and consequently reduce production costs and optimize cooperation.

Elmak registration system
Skanowanie gotowych wyrobów do systemu rejestracji danych
Registration of components before production

Traceability system

At Elmak, the entire production process of electronic products is registered in a computer system.

Registration of information takes place at the following stages:

  • acceptance of production components into the warehouse – each smallest package receives a unique identifier; marking of individual components is impossible due to their size
  • subsequent production phases – each product receives a label with an individual barcode under which all information is collected (identifiers of individual components used for production of a given product, identifiers of employees participating in individual production phases)
  • testing – before packing each product is subjected to full functional tests, the results of which are recorded
  • packing – employee ID, date and time of packing, box number
  • shipment – bill of lading number, date of shipment
  • invoicing – invoice number

All information is stored in a computer system and can be easily retrieved at any time. Information important from the customer’s point of view is made available to them via a web browser, with 24/7 access.

Basic benefits of the traceability system:

  • full traceability of each item of the product,
  • elimination of many possible mistakes during individual production and logistics processes,
  • the ability of the customer to quickly check the data on shipments, invoices, types and quantities of products,
  • the ability to easily search, filter and sort data,
  • in the event of non-compliance, it is possible to determine which batch of products it concerns,
  • possibility for the customer to use serial numbers of products (semi-finished products) provided by Elmak in their own IT system,
  • the possibility of using the Elmak system to link information about the serial number of the semi-finished product and the serial number / batch number of the own end product