historia05Elmak Ltd is founded in June 1990. From the beginning of its activity it is engaged in designing and manufacturing of consumer electronics.

In the early nineties we introduce for sale the then cutting edge of technology, designed and manufactured by us: PAL decoder (1992.), Teletext system (1994.) and satellite positioner (1995.). These are the first devices of that type made in Poland.

Since 1997, we specialize in manufacturing of remote controls for the audio-video equipment, computers and a variety of industrial equipment. All products are designed by our designers and assembled at our own production line in Rzeszow, so we can guarantee a long service life, high functionality and adaptation to the local market, and thereby we can effectively resist the flood of Chinese competition.

We become the European URC market leader and the largest manufacturer of such equipment in Poland. Our remotes are quickly appreciated by the largest retail chains in the country, digital platforms, like Canal + and many distributors abroad. Production takes place both under our own brand Elmak, as well as OEM system – the customer’s logo.

Elmak’s products receive numerous awards and win prestigious titles including “Regional Leader of Innovation and Development” and four times “Innovator of Podkarpacie”.

At the same time we realize projects and production of various electronic devices for our customers. We are a major supplier of electronics for many domestic and foreign manufacturers of home appliances.

In 2009 we expand our offer. Since that time we distribute electronics accessories from renowned European and global manufacturers, which we represent on the Polish market.

In 2011 we create our own brand of accessories – Savio, which initially includes  FM transmitters and car DVRs. Soon there are new groups of products, including in particular the extensive range of cables and adapters. The brand  develops very quickly and becomes one of the driving forces of the company. Brand Savio allows us to gain new market segments, including IT/electronic distributors such as AB, Incom, Tech Data, Action and ABC Data, another commercial networks and distributors in several European countries.

Our business is based on electronics, but develops in two ways. On the one hand there are development projects, prototyping and mass production of various electronic systems on request of customers, mainly for the household appliances industry as well as the ventilation and heating branch. On the other hand, we develop contacts with commercial networks, wholesalers and distributors of consumer electronics, providing them remote controls under the brand Elmak and accessories under the brand Savio and several distribution brands .

In 2013 our company moves to new, larger building, which enables us to operate on a larger scale and support new large customers. A year later we greatly expand our production capacity through the purchase of new production machinery and test equipment.

After 30 years of activity Elmak Ltd can boast an established market position and reputation, not only among customers but also among many academic institutions, research institutes and government offices.

We invite all companies that look for a reliable partner in the area of electronics.